Counter-Strike: A Strong Second Place at Moche XL eSports Event in Portugal

On the weekend of June 15th/16th, top CS:GO teams from all over the world gathered in Portugal to vie for the coveted trophy and a 40,000 USD cash prize for the winner.

Our lineup was also invited and did remarkably well. In the first match, ScreaM, Ex6TenZ, hampus, HS und nawwk had to play against the home team qualification winners – OFFSET – and they didn't make it easy for our boys. The Portuguese team won the first match on Dust2 with 12-16. Although not a good start for us, the team was able to recover. On Inferno, the game went into overtime, during which we won 19-16. But on Overpass, we sealed the deal with a very clear score of 16-4. Team GamerLegion was really starting to warm up. On to the next round!

FURIA was the next opponent, the superstars from Brazil who had defeated Astralis several times. It was clear that there was a favorite among the bookmakers and that was not us. But Team GamerLegion showed a very strong performance. Coach Chrille’s strategy was perfectly implemented by IGL Ex6TenZ, so we were able to eliminate the golden team from the competition within only two rounds 16-11 (Inferno) and 16-12 (Vertigo).

The finale against Windigo! In the past, we’ve always defeated the Bulgarians in online matches and so we started the game very confidently. But during a major event like this, the cards are freshly shuffled. On Train and Dust2, we didn’t stand a chance against Windigo. A score of 3-16 and 8-16 spoke loud and clear about who deserved to win the Moche XL eSports competition that day.

We look back on our team’s strong performance that day and are happy about placing second in this prestigious environment. Thanks a lot Moche XL eSports, a big thanks to Portugal, and we’ll happily be back!

P.S.: Due to this success, we were able to make a huge jump of 19 places in the world ranking going from 40 to 21.

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