CS:GO: End of the season

The 34th ESEA MDL season has officially ended for us and we faced many ups and downs. After an underwhelming season start, we were still able to turn the standings and finish 13th after a long winning streak. CS:GO team manager Igor Bornebusch has given us a few words about the group’s mindset, how the split was for them and what he wishes for in the future.

After the long losing-streak at the beginning of the season, the mixed team that played for us has managed to secure wins one after the other, and in the end achieved a score of 6-10. This experience, according to Bornebusch, has been good for the group: “The experience was really good, especially the turning point when we started the winning streak after a horrible 0-7 start.” Moreover, he stated: “Overall it wasn’t such a bad season. It could have been better for sure, but the goal was to stay in MDL and compete in the upcoming season with possibly an official roster”. 

The beginning of the season was especially hard since the group had to play with a very different team from the previous season for the first eight games. With barely no practice, Bornebusch stated: “I had high expectations at least to win 4 of those 8 games that we had to play with ‘Hampus’ and ‘Gux’. But sadly, we did not.” After the eight games, things turned out a bit better as he continued, “But after rain, there is sunshine. The group that actually practiced “behind the scenes” stepped it up and started to win so I would say I’m really happy with the outcome for sure.” According to him, this was also the turning point for the group because 'Gux' was able to be back at coaching the group.

Bornebusch has also said some words about the group’s mindset, especially after a loss. “I pointed out to the players that a loss isn’t the end of the world. We did the best we could, with the little time we had to practice. Now that the season is over, the players have also gained more experience. While our CS:GO manager is sad that it’s over for now, he is also happy and prepared for the future. As for plans and mindsets for the future, he states:

“Be way more prepared for the next seasons coming up with a line-up that respects each other, a team that is willing to put down much time into a game we all love, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive."

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