A retrospective of the Spring Split

As the only team without roster changes, we started the season with high expectations. Especially in the beginning, when other teams still had to settle in, we were able to use this advantage. We started the split with two wins, but the momentum didn't last long. Already on the third matchday, we had to accept a defeat against Schalke 04 Evolution. The defeat put the brakes on us, which triggered a losing streak a short time later. So we played it safe. The extraordinary drafts, which were common for us, were swapped for simpler combos. Our biggest weakness seemed to be the early game. Few first bloods and big gold differences made it hard to play to individual strengths. Still, the team knew they could take on anyone when it mattered.

Five match days later, things started to look different. A strong win against PENTA 1860 lifted the spirits within the team enormously and this had an effect on the coming match days. And that was necessary because the second half of the season and therefore the playoffs were getting closer and closer.
In the end, we finished the regular season on third place. The next stop was the playoffs. It wasn't enough for a safe spot in the EU Masters, but there was still a chance for the play-ins.

We chose the Unicorns of Love SE as our opponent. The Unicorns were a lot weaker than usual in the last few days of play and were therefore a perfect match for us. Losing was no longer an option anyway. The first game started with full confidence that we could beat the shaky Unicorns. They allowed themselves a mistake here and there, but nothing that would break our backs. After 29 minutes the game started to turn. The Baron was started and no matter how hard Visdom and Phones tried to keep the Unicorns away from it, they failed and a few fights later our Nexus fell. They didn't let their courage get the better of them and unpacked the secret weapon in the draft of the second match - Hjarnan on Heimerdinger.  Rabble opened the match with an aggressive Botlane Gank, which gave the team an initial advantage. After a midgame hole, they got themselves back together and tied the game 1-1. In the deciding game, we were unable to hold off USE and after just 28 minutes, the playoffs were over for us. As a previous EU Masters finalist, this was a bitter end. Nevertheless, we take some positive things from this season and are even more motivated for the summer split.

A Statement from our Coach Markus "DeliveryPanda": 

"The season update forced us to play a style we were not necessarily used to, this came with some issues in the early game. Eventually, we were able to fix those for most parts of the split, but we failed at following the same gameplan as a unit. For this, we realized too late what we have to change and therefore had an unusual showing in playoffs at the end where we threw 2 games heavily and ended up short against USE. We know now what we have to work on and look for a great summer showing."

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