Secured our spot in the ESEA Season 37!

Our Counter-Strike team experienced a real upswing at the start of the season. To all expectations, they showed solid success at the start of the ESEA Premiership. In our last article, Team Manager Igor Bornebusch said that things were finally clicking within the team. However, the season was a bit tougher than we thought.

On the second matchday, the team was defeated by Wisla Krakow due to a few unfortunate mistakes. Then, we had an important match against HellRaisers. We came super strong into the match and beat them 2-0. Unfortunately, things went downhill shortly after. After three losses against Winstrike, SAW, and forZe the dream of the playoffs was gone.

Now we had to defend our spot for the next season. ALTERNATE aTTaX chose Dust 2 as the first map. Until the last round was very close. It was 15:14 and Adam was the only one left. Shortly before the end he played a successful 1v2 and got the first victory for his team. Nuke was selected as the second map. The match went back and forth, but in the end, we managed to defeat ALTERNATE aTTaX and secure the 2-0. With that, we closely escaped relegation and move directly into ESEA Season 37!

In the end, we asked Igor Bornebusch one more question: How happy are you?

"No, I'm far from happy.. We have been working hard but it did not pay off properly. We have to get back to the training mode and come back stronger, but first, we fully focused on staying in the league."

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