CSGO team facing new challenges

The off-season for our CSGO team is almost over. However, it wasn’t a very relaxing one. After a rather less successful end to last season, some changes had to happen within the team. They decided to bench Adam "adam9130" Ahmad and William "Dobbo" Dobson after the team felt like they were stuck in a period of stagnation. 

Shortly after, the Romanian player Ivan „iM“ Mihai got picked up by the team. Ivan, who previously played for Nexus Gaming, is known to be an extremely talented player. Just a week later, Isak „Isak“ Fahlén joined as the 5th player. He already proved himself as a very skilled support player, even though he’s fairly new to the scene. This creates a mixture of both experienced and talented players who all want to show what they are capable of.

Now that they are complete again, it is time to face new opportunities. The new lineup has come together well and they are happy with their practice. With ESEA Premier and Spring Sweet Spring coming up, they will have their first big challenges. Being placed in the harder group, they are going to face big names like Endpoint and Sprout. Now that the team has 3 players from Sweden, they are also allowed to attend all nordic qualifiers, giving them even more chances to prove themselves.

It will take some time for them to fully reach their best form, but it will be worth it in the end. We’re super excited about the future and can’t wait to see them play again. This is the next step for GamerLegion! #GLWIN

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