GL Birthday Cup for the 4th birthday of GamerLegion

The time had come, GamerLegion celebrated its 4th birthday!

On April 13th, 2017, Nicolas Reber decided to pursue the idea of professional eSports coaching. The development of the platform took some time until it went live for the first time in January 2018. The GamerLegion coaching platform was born!

What followed was not foreseeable in advance to the extent, but shows the countless possibilities around the topic of coaching in eSports. The year 2018 was marked by the first professional eSports team joining the GamerLegion. The first presence at gamescom made the idea tangible for the first time. The PUBG team managed to qualify directly for the C-League the next year.

In mid-2019, the first official GamerLegion training facility was built in the heart of Berlin. And that's not all! Three new teams joined the GamerLegion. The Fortnite team participated directly in the World Cup. The successful application for the Top League in League of Legends laid the foundation for the future direction. The same was true for the successful acquisition of the professional CS:GO team.

The year 2020 was to be the most successful in the history so far! It was started with a talented team in CS:GO, where the emphasis was put on a lot of potential of the players. The signing with the world's best Age of Empires II team set completely new standards in the orientation of GamerLegion. The European Championship runner-up title of the League of Legend team closed the year 2020 with the highlight!

And in 2021 there are now 4 candles on the cake! ‚Happy Birthday, GL‘ was the chat for the big ‚GL Birthday Cup’! The AoE team came together with the coaches of the platform. The pros were complemented by Nicolas Reber, the founder of GamerLegion, and Julian Miculcy, the Head of Operations and long-time employee! In a 2v2 cup, the GamerLegion Twitch channel was the place to be under the direction of TheViper! Entertainment was guaranteed, no eye was left dry! The following teams started: Slam & LikaDor, DauT & morxzas, JorDan & L3GI, TaToH & FlyLikeDjango! In the end, TaToH and our coach FlyLikeDjango won and added the title of the 1st winner of the GL Birthday Cup to their CVs.

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