New Coach, new Season

The wait is finally over! Since June 1st, the Prime League Summer Split is in full swing. The start of the new season brought some changes - this time also at GamerLegion. The line up, which didn't change since January 2019, now experienced an update in the coaching staff. Shortly after the end of the Spring Split, the team parted ways with their coach Markus "DeliveryPanda" Appelhoff. Now the question was: who will take his place?

The decision fell on Lewis "Noxiak" Simon Felix, who is already an old hand in the German League of Legends scene. Since 2014, he was mainly known as a player, which changed for the first time towards the end of 2018. The actual support main switched to the coach position. Along with his analyst "Marin1" he will carry the team through the Prime League. However, joining a cohesive team isn't an easy task. We asked Noxiak how he was welcomed there and what they're currently working on:

"At first it took some time to get used to joining a team that has already had so many experiences over three seasons together, I had to get an overview of the dynamic and the individual personalities. Now after a few weeks I have settled in well and we have found a good approach together. The first big area of improvement is our communication, since the guys have been playing together for so long they haven't really questioned the quality and quantity of their communication. We are currently trying to re-evaluate this by listening to voicecomms on a regular basis and assigning responsibilities to the respective players. Personally, I prefer a calculated game style where you are consistently earning small leads, but currently the team is very risk seeking. In the long run, it's a goal of mine that we find a middle ground together. Other than that, I'm just looking forward to an exciting season and hope that we can qualify for the EU Masters again and perform well there."

Superweek already laid a solid foundation for the boys. In the first match against PENTA 1860 there were still initial difficulties, which led to defeat. Only one day later the tables turned. With their typical GamerLegion drafts, they brought home two wins at once. 2-1 may not be a perfect result, but it gives us enough motivation to keep going for the rest of the split. We optimistically look forward to the coming months and to many more exciting game days!

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